The Decision to Assassinate Joseph Stalin Was to Avoid World War III

Russian historian Radzinskyi claims in his writings that Stalin decided to declare war on the United States, establishing World War III so that the Soviets could occupy all of Europe by placing Europe as a whole. Under the control of Moscow.

As for Stalin's loyalists, who were members of the Soviet bureaucracy at the time, it was clear that the Soviet economy was in dire straits after World War II. And the entire Soviet Union has not yet fully recovered in all respects, and confronted a superpower with nuclear weapons in its hands, as in the case of the United States. Rulers who do not understand the reality of the situation.

Seeing this danger, only three powerful people at the time (Trio), including Beria, Malenkov and Khrushchev, decided to prevent this tragedy from happening to kill Stalin.

Joseph Stalin wanted to provoke the West by Stalin carrying out a campaign to purge the remaining Jews (Jews Ethnic Cleansing) on ​​Soviet territory. Beria personally learned of the incident, and on March 5, 1953, Stalin ordered the arrest of all the remaining Jews of Jewish descent living in Moscow. Following the order, they saw hundreds of trucks enter Moscow, which many believe was a convoy sent to transport Jews from exile. Siberia glacier. In Kazakhstan, however, hundreds of camps had already been built to welcome the exiled Jews to work here.

Following the death of Stalin, the Soviet Union entered a phase of "melting ice" in all concentration camps in Siberia, former Red Army officers, veterans and many others were released. Freedom to return home, reunite with family.

Millions of Indigenous people were sent to Stalin for forced labor and imprisoned for life, but were also released back to their homeland.

One of the things that made the outside world aware of the realities of what happened during the reign of the wicked Joseph Stalin was revealed at the party convention. The 20th of the Soviet Communist Party, in the context of Nikita Khrushchev's political intervention, he described in detail all the crimes that Stalin had committed in the past.

The revelations of the atrocities committed by Joseph Stalin against the nations and the Russians themselves have turned into a volcanic eruption, especially against Israel, which has had a devastating effect. Shaken to the international communist movement around the world at that time.

According to Edvard Radzinski, a researcher on the party's secret documents, the then KGB leader, Lavrenty Beria, ordered Stalin's bodyguard Khrustalev to stab Stalin. The poison entered Stalin's body with the full consent of two other people, Malenkov and Khrushchev, to end Stalin's life as well as to prevent the outbreak of World War III.

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